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Do You Really Know What Condition Your Commercial Kitchen Exhaust System Is In?

ExhaustCLEAN provides commercial kitchen exhaust system maintenance solutions to the food service industry and institutional facilities. Our professional cleaning services maintain safety and compliance with the National Fire Protection Association Standard (NFPA 96) and its provisions for commercial kitchen exhaust system maintenance and cleaning.

We take an educational approach to teach you about your kitchen exhaust system, showing you the possibly alarming extent of grease accumulation and threatening fire hazards. Then we thoroughly clean your system to like-new condition and ensure its safety through ongoing maintenance.

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“In my 40-plus years in the restaurant business, I have never had a hood cleaning company as professional, punctual and thorough as ExhaustCLEAN. By doing more complete cleaning, we don’t have to clean so frequently, saving money and getting better results. I never worry about problems with my hood system. I receive before and after photos showing the perfect finished job. ExhaustCLEAN is simply the best.”

Glenn O’Neil, Director of Fine Dining

The Cedars of Chapel Hill

“The staff at ExhaustCLEAN is very friendly and reliable. From their first visit recommendations, to their willingness to meet our strict schedule requirements, they have gone above and beyond what other companies would have done. We always know our residents and staff are kept safe with ExhaustCLEAN servicing our hoods.”

Todd Ohle, Food & Beverage Director

The Cypress of Raleigh Club

“It’s just like having an insurance policy, something that lets you sleep better at night, knowing that you have it covered and that you have the best company out there that’s going to follow very strict standards… I couldn’t be happier with the service we have from ExhaustCLEAN.”

Steven Sturm, Executive Chef

Firebirds Wood Fired Grill