Commercial Kitchen Hood Cleaning in Chapel Hill

Commercial Kitchen Hood Cleaning in Chapel Hill

Commercial kitchen exhaust cleaning is vital to ensuring your Chapel Hill restaurant is compliant with local fire codes and insurance requirements. To keep your kitchen exhaust system running at its best and stay in line with the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) requirements, you must routinely clean and maintain its components.

ExhaustCLEAN will get your system compliant with regulations and help you safeguard your kitchen against hood grease fires.

Your Premier Chapel Hill Commercial Hood Cleaning Services

An uncleaned kitchen hood is hazardous to your property and worker safety. At ExhaustCLEAN, we exclusively specialize in commercial hood cleaning services. Our highly trained team will clean your kitchen exhaust down to bare steel.

We take an educational and transparent approach to help you understand your kitchen hood and what steps you need to take to maintain it. When you understand the structural configurations, you will be thoroughly informed as to your system’s service and compliance requirements.

Why Choose ExhaustCLEAN for Your Kitchen Exhaust Needs?

ExhaustCLEAN provides high-quality solutions for restaurants, catering companies, hotels and other commercial kitchens throughout North Carolina.

1. Comply With NFPA 96 Requirements and Other Regulatory Protocols

The ExhaustCLEAN team helps you comply with NFPA codes and adheres to best hood cleaning practices to ensure optimal performance. We prioritize health and safety and keeping your commercial hood maintained.

2. Benefit From Superior Maintenance for Your Chapel Hill Kitchen Exhaust System

Our team will remind you when maintenance is due. Depending on your cooking volume and the types of dishes you prepare, we will prompt you intermittently for one of these services:

  • Monthly exhaust cleans: High-volume cooking operations and kitchens using wood and charcoal cooking methods need maintenance once a month.
  • Quarterly exhaust cleans: Kitchens with regular output utilizing wok cooking, charbroiling and 24-hour cooking require quarterly cleans.
  • Semi-annual exhaust cleans: Commercial kitchens delivering medium-volume output, like schools and independent restaurants, need biannual maintenance.
  • Annual exhaust cleans: Kitchens with low-volume cooking, like churches, senior centers, day camps and seasonal businesses, require yearly exhaust service.

ExhaustCLEAN takes a meticulous approach to kitchen hood cleaning. We use high-pressure, high-temperature water with specialized grease-cutting agents and tools. Our team works from top to bottom, addressing the exhaust fan, ductwork, plenum and hood.

Your kitchen exhaust will meet NFPA 96 mandates and other applicable legal requirements when service is complete.

3. Receive Detailed Documentation and Reporting

We offer comprehensive documentation and reporting, including before and after photos. You will have an overview of what our team addressed, any preexisting issues we discovered, and the steps we took to ensure your kitchen hood is clean down to bare steel.

You can use these records to show compliance officials that you regularly maintain your kitchen exhaust system.

Call for Professional Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning in Chapel Hill

Getting your Chapel Hill commercial kitchen exhaust professionally cleaned ensures you fully comply with local safety laws. The ExhaustCLEAN team applies over five decades of experience in the food industry to deliver premium cleaning solutions. We will deep-clean your kitchen hood and related components to boost operation and enhance safety, meeting NFPA and regulatory standards.

Simplify your kitchen exhaust cleaning — schedule service online.