Commercial Hood Cleaning in Winston-Salem

Commercial Hood Cleaning in Winston-Salem

Uncleaned commercial kitchens develop enough grease buildup to become fire hazards. National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) standards require all restaurant kitchens to be cleaned and maintained regularly to remove vaporized grease from exhausts and prevent fires. Commercial hood cleaning in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, is vital to keeping your kitchen’s system compliant with health and fire codes.

ExhaustCLEAN will help you protect your business from fire hazards and comply with state regulations and NFPA codes.

Commercial Kitchen Landscape in Winston-Salem, NC

This area is home to various commercial kitchens in universities, hospitals, restaurants and hotels. Commercial kitchens must routinely maintain and clean their exhausts to adhere to local and state codes. Depending on the size of the kitchens and scale of operation, cleaning must occur monthly, quarterly, biannually or yearly:

  • Monthly exhaust cleans: Robust fuel cooking operations require maintenance every month.
  • Quarterly exhaust cleans: Kitchens with a high-volume output, such as wok cooking, charbroiling and 24-hour cooking, need quarterly cleans.
  • Semi-Annual exhaust cleans: Moderately busy commercial kitchens require semiannual maintenance.
  • Yearly exhaust cleans: Kitchens producing low-volume outputs, like those serving senior centers, seasonal businesses, day camps or churches, must maintain their systems annually.

Our Winston-Salem Commercial Hood Cleaning Services

ExhaustCLEAN allows customers to be as involved in the exhaust cleaning process as they want. We offer:

  • On-site, on-time service: ExhaustCLEAN arrives on time on the appointed service day for a seamless transition to after-hour maintenance. Our scheduling tool notifies the site manager when service is due and sets an appointment. We complete the full service at night with no downtime for your business.
  • KeySTOP after-hour cleaning: Leveraging our KeySTOP service, your team can lock up and leave us overnight access to your facilities. We will notify you of the service day and use key and alarm codes to clean after hours without disrupting your routine.
  • Safety procedures and setup: Our team takes extensive measures to safeguard your cooking and surface areas during cleaning.
  • Top-down cleaning: The ExhaustCLEAN team uses high-pressure, high-temperature water and specialized grease-cutting agents and tools to combat the grease in your system. We begin from the roof down, tackling the exhaust fan, ductwork, plenum and hood. Once the job is complete, your kitchen will comply with NFPA 96 Standards and all other applicable laws.
  • Documentation and reporting: We follow up service with a comprehensive inspection and service report, detailed records, before and after photos and steps we performed to get your system to bare steel.

Professional Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning in Compliance With State Regulations

ExhaustCLEAN has decades of industry experience and understands the unique challenges commercial kitchen owners and managers experience. We provide:

  • Expertise: ExhaustCLEAN specializes in kitchen exhaust hood cleaning, making us the go-to experts in the region to ensure compliance.
  • Professionalism: We adhere to your NFPA schedule and will prompt you when the service is due.
  • Transparency: Our team will notify you of any issues upfront and offer a solution. We go beyond surface-level work.

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Professional cleaners must regularly clean your Winston-Salem commercial kitchen hood to meet mandatory requirements. The ExhaustCLEAN team has over 50 years of experience in the food service industry. We will optimize your kitchen exhaust system, ensuring you adhere to NFPA and regulatory requirements.

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