Define, Solve and Maintain

ExhaustCLEAN’s tiered services are built around a methodical, learning-oriented approach. Rather than just jumping in and cleaning every exhaust system in a one-size-fits-all way, we first spend the time to assess your facility and take any initial measures needed to get your system into great shape before establishing a customized maintenance routine.

We Learn Your System and Keep You Informed

According to National Fire Protection Association statistics, an average of 8,160 structure fires per year at eating and drinking establishments caused $229 million in property damage during 2004-2008. The mixture of grease and creosote that builds up in a kitchen exhaust system is potentially as flammable as gasoline, posing a tremendous fire hazard if not properly cleaned on a regular basis.

Our service offerings are designed to ensure that your kitchen exhaust system meets NFPA 96 and AHJ guidelines. Even in the best of worlds, kitchen fires will still happen – but we have seen evidence that having a well-maintained exhaust system can dramatically reduce and contain the extent of the damage in those unfortunate events.

DEFINES your situation. ExhaustCLEAN diagnoses the condition of your kitchen exhaust system in our preliminary consultation given free of charge. Read more

FirstCLEAN Initial Cleaning & Inspection
SOLVES the problems. ExhaustCLEAN brings out the big guns in an intensive first service call, thoroughly cleaning the entire system and implementing any structural changes or additions needed. Read more

PreVENT Maintenance Solutions
MAINTAINS the system. Once your system is all tuned up, ExhaustCLEAN sets a schedule for ongoing basic maintenance visits to keep everything clean, compliant and in optimum working order. Read more

Additional Services
ExhaustCLEAN provides a number of supplemental services as required, such as rooftop great containment systems, exhaust fan maintenance and horizontal duct access panel installation. Read more