Additional Services

ExhaustCLEAN provides the following supplemental services related to kitchen exhaust system maintenance as required depending our customers’ particular circumstances.

RoofRITE grease containment systems

A grease containment system can protect the long-term stability of your roof while prolonging the life and condition of your fan and its surroundings. ExhaustCLEAN has found that only a small percentage of our customers need to make this investment, because proper maintenance of your exhaust system means little grease should collect on the roof. In special high-volume circumstances, we can advise you when a roof containment system is warranted and perform the installation as needed.

FanWORKS exhaust fan maintenance

The heart of the exhaust system is the fan. Our complete maintenance and warranty program will help keep it operating in a robust and healthy manner to extend its operating efficiency and lifespan.

FilterCARE filter replacement

Routine replacement of your baffle and spark arrestor grease filters ensures that your system is working, breathing and performing at its peak operating efficiency.

TotalACCESS panel installation

From the fan on the roof to the intricate duct work leading to the hood, ExhaustCLEAN gains the access needed to do the job right. If the configuration of your exhaust system does not allow access to all areas where maintenance is needed, particularly in horizontal ductwork, we provide installation of UL approved access panels to facilitate proper service going forward.

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