Step by Step Through Our Exhaust System Maintenance Routine

At ExhaustCLEAN, we believe in taking an educational approach to teach our customers about their kitchen exhaust systems, how they are structurally configured, where problems occur, and what steps we take to service them. In our business where some vendors can take advantage of misconceptions, we want our customers to be well-informed and knowledgeable enough to make the right decisions.

Your level of involvement is up to you. We encourage our customers to stay engaged with everything we do and get to know all the inner workings of their exhaust systems. Just ask us, and we can gladly talk for hours about the intricacies of your horizontal ducting and the variables determining grease accumulation. We can document every last detail and before-and-after photo in reports customized to your level of interest. But if you prefer to let us handle the work and not worry with keeping track of any of the particulars yourself, that’s fine too.

Because of the rigorous process followed by our managers and technicians, choosing ExhaustCLEAN may mean that your exhaust system requires fewer service calls per year to stay in peak operating condition.

Guaranteed On-Site, On-Time
ExhaustCLEAN’s punctual arrival assures that full service is completed safely and securely with no down time for your business – we guarantee it. Read more

KeySTOP After-Hours Access
Through our KeySTOP service, you have the option to leave us with overnight access, meaning less disruption to your business routine. Read more

Safety Procedures and Set-Up
We take extensive measures to ensure the safety of your staff and your property, making preparations to clean as efficiently and thoroughly as possible. Read more

Cleaning from the Top Down
We start on the roof with the exhaust fan and work our way down, cleaning your exhaust system down to the bare steel. Read more

Reports and Documentation
ExhaustCLEAN follows up each service call with an extensive written inspection and service report. Read more

Flexible Invoicing
Invoices can be issued through your choice of mail, email or fax. We can provide consolidated billing for those customers having multiple locations serviced.