Commercial Hood Cleaning in Durham

Exhaust System Cleaning in Durham, NC

To stay compliant with fire codes and insurance requirements, your Durham restaurant needs commercial exhaust cleaning services. The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) has regulations on the frequency of cleaning and maintenance for kitchen exhaust systems. These requirements ensure your Durham restaurant remains compliant and protects against health and safety issues.

ExhaustCLEAN is the best exhaust system cleaning and maintenance service in the Durham area.

The Importance of Hood Cleaning Services

You need regular, professional Durham hood cleaning services for your commercial kitchen to comply with all relevant health and safety codes and ensure the safety and efficiency of your operations.

Improper commercial kitchen exhaust system maintenance can lead to:

  • Higher energy costs: A dirty kitchen hood can increase the load on the fan, thereby increasing your energy costs.
  • Increased risk of kitchen fires: Creosote and grease buildup are flammable in high-heat environments and increase the risk of fires.
  • Noncompliance penalties: Failure to comply with all the necessary health and safety guidance can result in penalties and even legal action.
  • Frequent equipment maintenance: Getting the proper cleaning and maintenance services can extend the life of your kitchen equipment.
  • Decreased ventilation: Buildup in the exhaust system impacts ventilation, potentially causing smoke and odors to more easily accumulate in your kitchen.

Inspection and Quality Control in Hood Cleaning

Compliance with proper kitchen hood maintenance and cleaning means adhering to NFPA 96, the Standard for Ventilation Control and Fire Protection of Commercial Cooking Operations. Trusting in a qualified servicer like ExhaustCLEAN can ensure you maintain compliance with NFPA 96 and all relevant North Carolina building codes.

Fire safety teams are increasingly performing regular inspections, and you will be liable for penalties for noncompliance. These penalties might include fines up to thousands of dollars or manifest as legal liability and denial of insurance claims in the event of a fire.

In addition to performing your regular exhaust system maintenance, ExhaustCLEAN will ensure you have all the necessary proof and documentation to affirm your compliance with NFPA 96. We work with local authority having jurisdiction (AHJ) reporting systems like Compliance Engine and LIV.

Exhaust System Maintenance and Cleaning in Durham

At ExhaustCLEAN, our commercial kitchen hood maintenance and cleaning services include education and transparency about your kitchen hood and the necessary steps to maintain it. We have expertise in a wide range of applications, from high-volume cooking with wood and charcoal to low-volume operations at churches and seasonal businesses.

Our meticulous approach to cleaning includes high-pressure, high-temperature water with specialized grease-cutting agents. We work top to bottom — from the exhaust fan and ductwork to the plenum and hood — to ensure your kitchen exhaust system passes NFPA 96 and all other regulations.

In addition to thorough maintenance, we also provide reminders to notify you when service is due.

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ExhaustCLEAN offers expert commercial kitchen hood cleaning and maintenance services in Durham, ensuring NFPA regulatory compliance and providing specialized expertise in exhaust system maintenance. With a focus on professional service and a commitment to excellence in service and compliance, ExhaustCLEAN is the go-to choice for enhancing kitchen safety and compliance in Durham.

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