FirstCLEAN Initial Cleaning & Inspection

ExhaustCLEAN’s FirstCLEAN initial service is a full-on frontal assault where we pull out all the stops for an intensive initial cleaning of your system, following up on our preliminary assessment formed during the ExposureAUDIT. The amount of highly flammable grease and debris removed during a FirstCLEAN service can be as significant as 30 to 60 pounds in some cases.

As part of this service we get to know your system inside and out, and identify what measures need to be taken going forward. We ensure that all of your components are in optimum condition, addressing whatever repairs, replacements or additions may be required. We install any necessary fittings, such as fan hinges, grease containment systems and access panels for horizontal ductwork which will facilitate future cleanings and upkeep.

The FirstCLEAN service takes considerably more time and effort than the basic routine cleanings we will perform on subsequent visits. This ensures that all components are operating at maximum efficiency and that any potential problems can be identified and remedied from the outset of ExhaustCLEAN’s service relationship with your business or facility.

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